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1. Address:
Office Department: Room A5-301, cottages Centre, University of Technical Education HCMC. HCM
Phone: 0908.617.108 Email: trungnh@fit.hcmute.edu.vn
2. Duties
Computer Networks Division undertook the task of training, teaching subjects and specialized establishments in the fields of computer networks for the level and type of training undergraduate Faculty of Information Technology - University Technical Pedagogy HCMC. Along with teaching duties, is also responsible for the discipline of scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of computer networks in particular and IT in general.
The Department implemented the teaching of knowledge towards computer networks for students and the general system, computer network industry.
In addition, teachers of subjects guide students in scientific research, the faculty participation in the subject, all grade Facility Manager, Advanced Learning and postgraduate level.
Division is a unit involved in the transfer of technology related to the field of computer networks, the core and the forefront of activities to update and implement the training programs of large corporations on computer networks .
3. Research
To help students who study computer network and specialized undergraduate division have better orientation for learning and his research. Department of Computer Networks launched the research that the teachers in the department is undertaking. Thereby, they can help guide researchers selected their favorite teachers to ask directions.
- All teachers guidance on selected array of knowledge.
- To attend professional seminars of the master / her at Laboratory Network.
- Development of research into the subject as TLCN and graduation thesis.
- You can register school-level scientific research topics.
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