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The center of Informatics, which is the forerunner to the faculty of Information Technology, was found in 1990 with the duties of deploying and training in information technology and applications. From 1991 to 1993, the center deployed 14 training courses for 4000 students. Besides, the center also took a role as an academic department that taught the subject of Fundamentals of Information Technology for all students of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

In 1994, the center started to deploy the college training system which was accredited by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. The faculty of Information Technology was then officially found in 2001 based on the center of Informatics. The faculty focused on training engineers and teachers in Information Technology. In the early years, there were two academic departments: Networking - Telecommunications, and Software Engineering. Two other departments were then established including : Information Systems, and Intelligent Technology. In 2010, the department of Intelligent Technology was renamed to the Fundamentals In Information Technology. Currently, the faculty consists of 31 lecturers (until 02/2015) in which there are 7 lecturers being studying abroad.

More than 1000 college graduates and 1500 engineers or teachers have graduated from the faculty. It is in our plan, in 2016, the faculty will start to deploy Master program in Computer Science. This is expected as the new development of the faculty.

Organizational chart the following format:

nformation Sciences and staffing by level Department:



Full Name

Academic title, degree


Research Expertise

Contact Info


Dinh Cong Doan

Lecturer, Master of Engineering





Le Van Vinh

Lecturer, Master of Science


Bioinformatics, Parallel computing, Cloud computing



Nguyen Minh Dao

Senior lecturer, Master of Engineering

Head of deparment

Neural Network, Bioinformatics, Cloud computing



Nguyen Thanh Son

Senior lecturer, Doctor of Science

Head of department

Data mining for time series, Social network



Tran Tien Duc

Senior lecturer, Master of Science

Head of department

Image processing



Hoang Long

Lecturer, Master of Engineering

Deputy head of department

Information Retrieval, E-Commerce



Tran Cong Tu

Lecturer, Master of Science

Deputy head of department

Algorithms, High-Performance Computing, Cloud Computing



These achievements are in science and technology

Until 02/2015, lectures of the faculty had finished 80 scientific research projects at different levels, in which there were 7 projects at the Ministry level. There were many scientific papers have published on prestigious (national and international) conferences and journals, in which there were 4 papers ranked by the ISI Thomson Reuters system.


Lab Systems

Currently, the faculty has 12 computer rooms. Among of them, 4 rooms are used for both training and researching duties, including : a lab of Software Engineering, a lab of Information System, a lab of Networking, and a lab of Mac OS.


The international co-operation


The trophies, certificates are awarded


The faculty has received a certificate of merit from the Minister of the VietNam Ministry of Education and Training for outstanding achievements in education and training duties from 2000 to 2004, a certificate of merit from Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and from the rector of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education for high achievements in the competition of Vietnam Olympiad in Informatics and ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.


Other activities (Research playgrounds, competitions, activities corpus fine movement ...)

The faculty holds yearly competitions for students such as Olympiad in Informatics, and Mastering IT. Students of the faculty also join many competitions held by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education such as : Robocon, MCR, Maze Solving Robot Competition. Besides, many movement and social activities for students  are also held every year : Camping, Cultural activities, Sports.

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