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1. Key statement of HCMUTE Educational Philosophy

2. General meaning of HCMUTE Educational Philosophy
All students, lecturers, administrators and other stakeholders of the HCMUTE community are to get involved together in educating, inspiring and supporting every student to become competent, conscientious and responsible individuals; to bear in students' mind the emergence of new skills deemed to be critical for individuals, for global citizenship, for entrepreneurship and other core skills.

HCMUTE does believe that the most meaningful learning occurs when every individual is provided with opportunities for a comprehensive development of cognitive competence, social and behavioral competence and technical competence. HCMUTE also believes in the core values of lifelong learning: each learner needs to self- construct and enrich knowledge and skills by discovering, inquiring and learning by doing to improve creativeness potential to fulfill his/her own aspirations and to serve the community.

Beside dynamic training programs oriented by theoretical and practical guidelines and close linkages between HCMUTE and Industries, HCMUTE completely commits to construct an innovative educational environment and move beyond standards based on the deep learning through integrating proper technologies and applying active and experiential teaching methods (project-based-learning, situated learning, capstone projects) and competence-based-assessment in the whole teaching process to meet the various needs of learners and diverse changes of the society most effectively.

HCMUTE does not only provide students with an excellent educational background, but also encourages students’ creativity and assists them in realizing their ideas through practice.
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