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IT Undergraduate Technical Interns will work with the Vietnam IT team, in collecting user inputs, to design and develop simple web-based applications.

They will be also part of teams providing Factory Automation services to the Intel Vietnam plant. In some cases, if their experience and skills allow, they may be part of the teams designing and building 3-tier applications, with database back-end and middle-tier systems. These IT projects are expected to last from 1 to 4 months, and will involve coaching and mentoring from senior IT/Automation Engineers.

The Student Interns will be given classroom-type or web-based training to processor assembly/test methodologies, and Enterprise IT application development.


  • University Student in BS Computer Engineering, Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Programming language: .NET, C, ASP.NET, MVC framework, Java Design and working with SQL database
  • Web programming: HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, CSS, BootStrap
  • Scripting languages: VBS, PowerShell, Perl, Python MS Office skills, technical documentation exposure, and some level of knowledge of project management is advantageous.
  • Windows Client PC: Experience in installing, configuring, upgrading client PCs, Windows Operating System, and peripherals is preferred.

Interested candidates please apply directly via the link:


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